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we will talk about How to do a Zulily Credit Card Login? And all the other information to get a live person on the phone. This post contains all the possible methods to contact customer support from Zulily. Here you will find the Zulily phone number, email address, live chat option,  Zulily bill pay mailing address, and Zulily Credit Card login information. This article will guide you to get Zulily Customer service.

Zulily Credit Card Login

How to do Zulily Credit Card Login?

Follow the given steps and get online access to your Zulily account.

  1. First of all, visit the Zulily Credit Card Login page: zulilycreditcard.com.
  2. On this page, you will get a login option.
  3. Enter your User ID and Password.
  4. Click on “Remember User ID”
  5. Finally, click on the “Secure Login” button.

How to make Zulily Credit Card Payment?

You can make a Zulily card payment in several ways. In reality, it is easy to cover your Zulily card, and we’ll show you all of the ways how you can get it done.

By Online

If you want to make a payment online, you have to do a Zulily credit card payment login. After login, you will get a payment option.

By Phone Call

You can easily make Zulily payment via a phone call. Only you have to call Zulily customer service at 855-597-4790. After that, you will automatically connect to the live representative. Follow the prompt and get your work done.

By Mailing

You can directly send payment to the given address.

  • Synchrony BankPO Box 530993
  • Atlanta, GA 30353-0993

How to Apply for Zulily Credit Card?

If you want to apply for Zulily Credit Card, follow the given steps.

  1. First of all, visit www.zulily.com.
  2. Make your account or login.
  3. Once you create your account, you will get a credit card option.
  4. Click on “Apply Now”
  5. After that, you will get the application form. Fill in your information.
  6. Click on “continue”

About zulily, llc

Zulily Credit Card Login

zulily (http://www.zulily.com) is a retailer obsessed with bringing customers special finds at incredible prices every day. zulily features an ever-changing, always delightful collection of clothing, home décor, toys, gifts and more for the whole family. Unique products from up-and-coming brands are featured alongside favorites from top brands, giving customers something new to discover each morning. zulily was launched in 2010 and is headquartered in Seattle with offices in OhioNevada and Pennsylvania. zulily has been a wholly-owned subsidiary of Liberty Interactive Corporation since October 2015.

Zulily Email Address

As a part of the support to the present generation of parents, Zulily has taken measures to ensure that support and answers are accessible through numerous channels. If you are in a hurry or want a response to a query with no fuss of earning a telephone call, send off your concern to the next email address, and you’re going to find an answer very quickly.

Zulily Customer Support Website

The site gives a detailed set of information regarding the merchandise that Zulily carries, such as how to return a product to Zulily, what to do if your Zulily package does not arrive, or how to utilize Zulily discount codes.

  • Customer Support Site: www.zulily.com/contacts
  • The Zulily credit card customer service phone number for payments and other assistance is 855-597-4790.


Q: How does Zulily credit card work?

This credit card from Zulily appears to be a typical store branded credit card, issued by another bank for this store. Considering that this credit card is not connected to any major network, you can use only at Zulily.

Q: What bank finances Zulily credit card?

Synchrony Bank, one of the largest issuers of credit cards in the United States, issues credit cards for Zulily. For instance, you can also find other Synchrony credit cards on our website.

Q: Where can you use the Zulily credit card?

As we have pointed out in this Zulily credit card review above, this credit card is not a part of a larger network such as Visa or MasterCard. That implies that you cannot use this credit card elsewhere than the stores and the website of Zulily.

Q: What can I buy with Zulily credit card?

You can buy whatever you want with your Zulily credit card, but only on Zulily website and in the stores of this chain.

Q: What credit score do you need for a Zulily credit card?

As you can find our suggestions in this Zulily credit card review above, we would recommend you to have a credit score of at least 620 (or fair). Even though you can try to get this credit card with a lower credit score as well, you should keep bear in mind that Synchrony does a hard check. That means that your credit score will be lowered if you will be refused.

Q: How hard to be approved for Zulily credit card?

As we have replied in the answer to the previous question, you should have a credit score of 620 (or fair). This means that it tends to be not so difficult to apply for a credit card from Zulily.

Q: How to apply for Zulily credit card?

If you want to apply for a credit card from Zulily, you can easily do it online. For this purpose, please stick to the guidelines from the “Application” section of our Zulily credit card review.

Q: How long does Zulily credit card approval take?

The bank is likely to let you know the results right after you submit your application. Though, there is a chance that Synchrony Bank might need a few days to consider your application in detail.

Q: Where do I send my Zulily credit card payment?

There are three ways how you can make a payment on your Zulily credit card. First of all, you can do it online – you should log in to your credit card account online and pay it there (see our “Login” section). Another way to pay your Zulily card is to do so by phone: you should call 855-597-4790 for that purpose. After all, you can pay Zulily credit card by mailing your payment to the following address:

Synchrony Bank 

PO Box 530993

Atlanta, GA 30353-0993.

Q: Where do I mail my Zulily credit card payment?

You can find out this in the answer to the previous question.

Q: How to cancel Zulily credit card?

There is only one way to cancel your Zulily credit card: by phone. For this purpose, we recommend you to call 855-597-4790 and ask the operator to cancel your credit card from Zulily.

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