Saks Fifth Avenue Credit Card Login, Pay Bill and Contact Guide

The Saks Fifth Avenue Credit Card is one of the most exclusive Credit Cards. Capital One issues the Saks Credit Card and provides financial services on behalf of Saks Fifth Avenue – services such as HRSaccounts Saks (Hotel Reservation Services accounts).

This article will assist you with the process of online account access, payments methods and other Saks Fifth Avenue related information.

Saks Credit Card Login

Online Account Access

To access your account visit the official page of Saks (Capital One) and enter the details requested on the page (URL:

You will then be asked to provide your username and password to sign in to your account.

If you have a Saks Mastercard then you will need to visit another page through the link below:

Saks Bill Payment Methods

  1. Saks online bill payment method: You can make payments on your Saks Fifth Avenue credit card by accessing your online Saks account easily through the website.
  2. Pay by Phone method: Saks bill payment services can also be accessed by phone. To call to make payment or for any assistance you can dial: 1-800-221-8340.
  3. Pay by Mail: You can also make payment by sending your check to the address mentioned below:

Saks Fifth Avenue Credit Card

PO Box 71106

Charlotte, NC 28272-1106

How to apply for Saks credit card

  • Visit the Saks credit card website.
  • Fill in the application form. You will typically need to provide general financial information, such as your Social Security Number, address, and annual income.
  • Check the information is accurate and submit your application.

If your credit score is preventing you from qualifying for this credit card, check out our guide for the best credit cards for bad credit.


This is a store rewards credit card issued by Capital One. If you’re wondering whether Saks credit card is the right card for you, read on. This review will provide you with with all the details you need to make a good choice.

  • High APRs. This is not a great card for people who carry a balance. It has a variable purchase APR of 23.99%
  • No annual fee*. This is a great option for people looking for a low-maintenance rewards card. It gives you rewards on your purchases, but you don’t have to pay an annual fee for the privilege.
  • Fair or better credit required. You will have good approval oods if your credit score is above650.
The Good The Bad
  • Membership in SaksFirst, our exclusive rewards program. Members earn SaksFirst points for purchases made inside Saks.
  • High interest rates.
  • Earn a $25 gift card for every 2500 points
  • Higher than average purchase APRs.
  • Shop exclusive previews of our collections
  • Does not offer a signup bonus.
  • Early access to fashion events and private sales
  • Does not include many credit card benefits.
  • No annual fee.
  • Cardholders can earn rewards on their purchases.
  • Saks Fifth Avenue SaksFirst Store Card reports to multiple credit bureaus.


Does Saks credit card have a cash back or rewards program?

Saks credit card is a rewards card.

Saks credit card Rewards
Minimum rewards rate 80x
Max rewards rate N/A
Annual rewards limit N/A

Does Saks credit card have a signup bonus?

This card doesn’t offer a cash signup bonus.Does Saks credit card offer an annual loyalty bonus?

This card doesn’t offer a cash loyalty bonus.

What are the relevant APRs for Saks credit card?

According to the Federal Reserve Board, the average regular APR is 15% for all credit cards and 17% for accounts that carry a balance. It has higher than average regular APRs.

It has a variable purchase APR of 23.99%. Note that late payments are subject to an APR of 26.99% if you are late or miss your payments. Typically, the penalty APR applies for a minimum of six months but can go on indefinitely.

Does Saks credit card have an intro APR offer on balance transfers?

No, it does not come with an intro APR offer for balance transfers.Does Saks credit card have an intro APR offer on new purchases?

This card does not offer an intro APR rate on new purchases.

What are the fees for Saks credit card?

The following fees apply:

Saks credit card Fees
Fees Amount
Annual Fee $0
Returned Payment Fee up to $25
Late Payment Fee up to $40

This card does not charge an annual fee, which makes it a smart choice for consumers looking for a low-cost rewards card.

What is the customer service phone number for Saks credit card?

The Saks credit card customer service number is (877) 383-4802.

Does Saks Fifth Avenue SaksFirst Store Card report your account activity to credit bureaus?

Yes, Saks Fifth Avenue SaksFirst Store Card reports your account activity to the following credit reporting agencies:

  • Equifax
  • Experian
  • Transunion

Making regular on-time payments to a creditor that reports to one or more credit bureaus will demonstrate your financial responsibility and may help improve your credit.


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