Lowe’s Credit Card Login and Payment Online

The complete information regarding your Lowe’s Credit Card Personal login portal to access your account online, make payments and reach customer service.

How to Apply for a Lowe’s Credit Card

The Process of Applying for a Lowe’s Credit Card is fairly simple. Follow the step-by-step guide mentioned below to successfully enroll for applying for a Reflex Credit Card.

  1. Open the official Lowe’s Advantage Credit Card page link.
  2. Click on the “Apply Now” button on the website
  3. Select your card type and click ‘Continue‘.
  4. Enter your personal information like First and Last Name, Social Security Number or alternately you can give your Bank Account Number, Home Address, Zip Code, City, State, Mobile Number.
  5.  Select all the card/account options on the following page and submit your credit card application
  6. Click on “Continue your Application”.
  7. A message acknowledging your registration will be displayed on your screen.
  8. Congratulations, You have been successfully completed the registration.

How to activate your Lowe’s Consumer Credit Card?

You can activate the Lowe’s credit card following the steps mentioned below.

  1.  Head back to the official login page.
  2.  Select your card and click ‘Register and Activate’.
  3.  Enter your account number and click ‘Next’.
  4.  On the following pages, validate your account, select your security options and complete the activation of your Lowe’s Consumer Credit.

Lowe’s Credit Card Login Portal – Account Access

You can follow the below Lowe’s Credit Card Login process to access your online account:

  1. Access a web browser and visit the Lowe’s Credit Card Login official login website below.
  2. Click here to Log in to make payments and manage your account.
  3. Press the “Sign In” icon.
  4. Enter your account User ID.
  5. Now, provide your respective account password.
  6. Click the ‘Secure Login’ button.

Lowes Credit Card Login and Payment Online

How to Reset Lowe’s Consumer Credit Card User ID and Password?

You can reset Lowe’s credit card User ID and password in the easy simple steps mentioned below.

  1. From the official website log-in page, click on ‘Lookup my User ID‘.
  2. Enter your account number and last 4 digits of your SSN, and click ‘Next‘ to retrieve your User ID.
  3. : Or you can click the forgot password button on the page where you have to enter your password.
  4. : Enter your account number, click ‘Next‘ and follow the steps on the next page.

Customer Service

Below is the official Lowe’s credit card customer service phone number for payments and other assistance :

Lowe’s Accounts Receivable Card: 1-866-232-7443
Lowe’s Business Account Card: 1-888-840-7651
Lowe’s Business Rewards American Express: 1-866-537-1397
Lowe’s consumer credit cards: 1-888-840-7651

Payment Address

Lowe’s Business Rewards American Express:
Lowe’s / American Express
P.O. Box 650448
Dallas, TX 75265-0448

Lowe’s Consumer Credit Cards:
P.O. Box 530914
Atlanta, GA 30353-0914

Other Lowe’s Business Credit Cards:
Lowe’s Business Account
P.O. Box 530970
Atlanta, GA 30353-0970

Lowe’s Accounts Receivable
P.O. Box 530954
Atlanta, GA 30353-0954

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